Does Website Page Speed Matter?

So how much impact does a slow loading website have on you? Well, if you’re like me, you will give a few seconds, then if nothing happens the mouse finger starts to twitch! More than 10 seconds and I’m usually gone.

There is a lot of discussion in the web development community around the topic of website page speed. Many get hung up on the time it takes to load a web page and strive for load times of a couple of seconds or less. But, does it really matter if a site takes a few seconds to load? Probably not.

A recent test of the load time of the Apple (Australia) website saw it load in 2.7 seconds. Not a bad page load time, but some developers would argue that it should be quicker.

The point I’m making is that getting bogged down in the speed of a website should be 3-4 seconds max. If it’s taking any longer than that to load, it’s probably time to get the performance checked out.

To test your website and see how it fares, just go to GT Metrix and type in your web address, press analyse, and see how it stacks up. I would recommend giving your site 3 runs through the analytics, just to get an average.

If you find that your website loading time is slower than you had hoped, consider contacting Web Tech Design and we’ll have a chat about how I might be able to improve things for you.

If you need any help using the GT Metrix website, get in touch with me and I’ll run the test for you, then email you the results.

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